Started working with my 1st computer in the 80s
1991 Built my first computer 486 AMD K6-2 with Windows 3.11
My 1st big hard drive was 12.2 gigs and I thought I would never run out of space! Window now will take up 20Gb by itself.
2001 I joined the US Navy and started working with more computers as the Aviation Storekeeper (AK) then Storekeeper (SK) and now Logistics Support (LS). Worked with supply computers and was the IT unit lead.
2006 Went for training with the Army for ULLS-G Unit Level Logistics System - Ground. Ran and maintained DOS software for all the Army’s parts and vehicles inventory.
Visited Kuwait with the Navy to work with the Army to run the ULLS-G with 6 to 10 million dollars in inventory.
2007 Went to Afghanistan and worked beside my Army colleagues with computers.
2011 June 25th got married, 3 months later left Radio Shack after 15 years
2012 Opened South Sound Installation (SSI) a satellite internet company with WildBlue/exede
2014 Started attending school for Information Technology (IT) at Sanford-Brown College. Original known as International Academy of Design & Technology.
2015 Earned my AA in Information Technology
2016 Working on my Bachelor of Science
James Longman
Eng. Allan S.Fredrick
Sanford Brown College - Seattle, WA                        
Associate of Applied Science, Information Technology - 2015

Kharkov National University Radio Electronics - Kharkov, Ukraine                        
Bachelorís Degree in Computer Engineering and Networking Systems - 2007

HP Certified Professional

Engineer at SafComputers- Uganda 2008-2012
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